Talkspace Giving Sorority Girls Free Membership

Have you ever wanted to receive mental health guidance and support from a professional without the judgement of going to a therapist? In today’s day and age, there is an expectation to be happy all the time, but that is not always possible. Going through a rough time and wanting to get help for it is always okay. Talkspace is making it easy for anybody to get help for their anxiety, depression, and other related mental health concerns. If you are trying to receive counseling, this is the way to go because of its new way of working. Text-based therapy through Talkspace means you have direct access to a professional therapist who will understand your specific struggles and provide you insight whenever you need them the most.

Talkspace is now working with Sigma Kappa sorority across the United States to give these young girls the chance to get help during their rough college years. They are providing them with three FREE months of using this service, alongside the option to continue using the service if they feel they need to use it more. Their most popular program is $59 a week that includes video, audio, and text messaging with your therapist. There is an added bonus of receiving a 30-minute live-chat session that is great for attaining that strong connection between you two and really get to let out what you’re going through.

The best part about Talkspace is that they are trying to end the stigma, and this is why they brought in Michael Phelps into the brand. They know that Phelps is the man behind a successful athletic career who also dealt with his own struggles, and he has been very vocal about his struggles with depression and anxiety. Phelps overcame his struggles by working closely with his own professional therapist and also using Talkspace as a way for him to get help. Talkspace is definitely an app worth using if you are ready to start revising guidance on your current mental state. With the many benefits of using text based therapy, there is no doubt it can change your life.