USHEALTH Group CEO Awarded

Troy McQuagge is considered to be one of the most respected executive managers in the world. For several years now, he has dedicated his resources and time, trying to advance the healthcare system in the US. Just recently, Troy McQuagge received the CEO of the Year Award from One Planet Awards.

Troy’s leadership skills played a fundamental role in the awards. This is because One Planet Awards only honor individuals who show excellent leadership skills in different industries. Companies in both the private and public department are eligible for the nominations. Last year, many companies from different parts of the globe submitted their nomination to the awards and learn more about Troy.

Troy McQuagge was appointed to join the USHEALTH Group in the year 2010. Since then, he has done a lot, and this has brought the institution a lot of success. His contributions are said to have played a vital role in making the healthcare company the leader in the world. After his appointment to the establishment, Troy revolutionized the management positions and at the same time made fundamental changes in the management. Thanks to these changes, USHEALTH Group was recognized internationally.

Troy McQuagge has worked in the healthcare world for a long time. His expertise dates back to his university days. After completing his bachelor’s degree from the well-known University of Central Florida, Troy was appointed to work at an institution known as Allstate Insurance. While working at the company, the businessman showed a lot of dedication, and this made him move from different ranks. At the moment, Troy McQuagge is one of the most sought after individuals in the competitive healthcare industry. Since his appointment to USHEALTH, the influential leader has done so much to ensure that it is productive.

USHEALTH Group specializes in providing insurance plans to individuals in the United States. The institution targets people who own businesses and those who are self-employed. The plans from this company are sold to persons who are below 65 years of age. After resuming the leadership of the business, Troy McQuagge has brought down the price of the plans. People who do not make a lot of money can access affordable plans from the company and more information click here.

Equities First – Why Your Business Ought to Go for Stock Based Capital

If you have stocks or distinctive securities that you intend to offer as collateral to acquire low rates loans without the need of selling your stocks, thus, Equities First is the one to go for. The company is licensed and fully regulated having given services for 15 years. Equities First Holding concentrates in providing alternative lending solutions to small businesses and individuals while utilizing their stock as collateral. It is undoubted that securing a loan from banks or any traditional lender in today’s hard financial circumstances is a major test. And that is the gap which Equities First fills by ensuring startups can start their operations while small businesses can develop their projects.

Advantages of Stock Financing
A key aspect regarding the stock loans is that the borrower retains their full portfolio when the principal and interest are paid back. Also, for those who decide not to cater for their loans can part with their cash and allow the company to keep their stock. Other merits that you reap from Equities First services entail retaining of the appreciated benefits, having the rights to vote and holding back your full tax benefits and read full article.

Working with specialists
With Equities First Holdings, dealing with your stock loan entails working along with financial experts and within a comprehensive environment that has induction to limitless resources. Not like lenders who treat clients like record numbers or normal customers, the financial specialists set aside the important opportunity to acknowledge what you and your business require to convey and furthermore outperform your needs. Our essential target is to guarantee you get the best measure of loan-to-value ratio.

Associate With Us
There’s no prerequisite for you for pitching your stocks and get the cash-flow to keep funding your business. You can connect with Equities First experts and allow them to make your business less demanding. Exchanging ownership shares inside your business is among the colossal methods for raising assets. Also, considering the advantages that accompany equity financing, it is key to contact financial specialists in Equities First Holdings and escape the difficulties related with traditional loans.

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