The chain-smokers’ release included both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair and their DJs mostly depend on vocalists and songwriters to ensure that there is the presence of a human feel in their electronic soundscapes. Their desire to personalize the dance music that they produce supports their desire to be known as real artists. Wanting to expose themselves in every production and their desire to evolve has been key to the work that they do.

Alex Pall’s hobby as a growing young kid was DJing. He mostly did that around New York with a little career beside him. But being a DJ was what he was passionate about. He decided then to concentrate on being a DJ and that is when the same manager he was working with introduced him to Andrew whom they just clicked and started working with. He quit his job and fully immersed himself in music.

After the duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started working together, they were both confident and knew what each had to offer. Their conversations revolved around their interests in music and their childhood hobbies. Then it went into their ambition and efforts on how to be successful. Andrew’s talent in production and Alex’s interest in marketing and DJing made them work hard on music creation and creating their identity. More effort was also put into place since they had to pay bills through their music. Their desire to try new things made their journey bigger and better.

Their ability to sing their songs and especially those that entail about their lives is brought about due to their desire to do an own label. Giving the fans an illustrative and cohesive unit is the driving factor too. Working with Halsey on ‘Closer’ was incredible. Alex describes her as so real with a strong voice and regards her as a unique artist. Pall and Andrew have been changing visuals and live shows to cater for their expanding audiences. Coming up with new, unique and exciting performance shows is the motivating factor to ensure that they stay competitively in the industry.

The Chainsmokers Entering a New Era

It seems that new musicians are created daily, new songs are played on the radio and go viral so quickly that it is difficult to keep up with. Usually, when this happens a group or artist will release a hit or two, their names will be heard and then they simply disappear. One day they are there, the next they are replaced by something new. This is not the case with The Chainsmokers. The duo made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall was originally made famous for their comedy song “#Selfie” in 2015. Though this was intended to be comedic, the group quickly released following songs that made it to the top of the charts. Over time, their music has become more professional with the inclusion of major artists such as Coldplay and Halsey. The group has even been able to assist another artist to enter the spotlight as they did with Daya in their hit song “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The past three years have seen major success for the group. With the release of what they consider to be an average of one song per month, their recent break in production has spanned around nine months. Recently, they have returned to the spotlight with their new single “Sick Boy,” ad to say that this song differs from the majority of their previous releases is an understatement. The group acknowledges how much of a difference there is between their newest single and previous release, but states that this was very intentional. The Chainsmokers claim that their past music has been a reflection of their generation, what that generation loves, enjoys, and feels. The new single is the first step into the darker side of that generation, and their next releases will follow suit shedding light on the side that most people don’t want to acknowledge.