David McDonald’s growth at OSI Group

The current trends in economic and food consumption have indicated an increase in the chicken products demand across Portugal and Spain. One of the managing directors of the Spain plant claims that the demand for chicken products within these two countries is increasing at a high rate. The increasing demand is what has prompted the OSI Company to add an extra high capacity production line to the OSI Foods Solution in Spain. This demand will keepgrowing, and that is why OSI Group decided to add the production line to double the chicken production for this market.

Additionally, the new production plant will bring with it an extra 22,600 square feet working space. This extra space will allow the plant to come up with a new production hall as well as a new facility for the storage of supplies. Besides, the areas will create room for shipping and receiving, service areas for oils, social space for employees, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, nitrogen and hot water tanks. In addition to this, the company also added a new testing kitchen particularly for improving or developing products.

The chief operating officer of OSI Group, David McDonald claims that the new production line will allow the organization a chance to increase their innovative products as well as achieve new accounts. The production line will also help the company to grow in the foodservice field. Moreover, the latest addition will also make the company increase the number of jobs.

David McDonald is OSI Group’s president and chief operating officer. He grew up in Iowa State. David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. He started working for OSI Group immediately after graduating. Before becoming the chief operating officer, David Macdonald was serving as a project manager at OSI. McDonald is the former chairman of the North American Meat Institute, and he is currently a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. David McDonald is also actively involved in the improvements taking place in the Iowa State community. He plays a primary role when it comes to the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative of the University.