Insights About Financial Expert Kevin Seawright

For close to 15 years, Kevin Seawright has been very instrumental in the financial and administrative sector. He is recognized for his strategic vision, leadership skills and ability to create new opportunities.

Currently, Kevin is working at Newark Economic Development Corporation serving as Vice President and CFO. The communities of East Coast have relied on Kevin’s financial expertise to better and improve their lives. The entrepreneur focuses on teamwork, as a way of helping the company achieve excellent results.

Kevin’s Achievements

In the entire mid-Atlantic region, Kevin has helped to transform the process of revenue planning, which has worked effectively for contractors and subcontractors. The financial expert has successfully accomplished revenue enhancement strategies, resulting into a forecast of 25% increase of annual returns.

Furthermore, Kevin has strengthened Human Capital Divisions hence an improvement in staff retention, facilitation of recruitment process and adjustment in compensation. Under the leadership of Kevin, Newark CEDC has improved service delivery to its clients, leading to enhanced performance.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright had previously held executive positions in finance, operations and human resources. During his career, the financial expert has been responsible for more than $600M for supporting educational projects in various cities.

He previously served as payroll director, budget manager among other positions he held while working at the public sector. He has developed an excellent reputation as an efficient and experienced leader with ability to develop good relationships with his juniors, clients and other leaders. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Throughout his career, Kevin Seawright has earned several awards, especially while working at the municipalities due to his professionalism and outstanding service delivery.

In 2015, Kevin founded RPS Solutions LLC, a firm in Baltimore which specialized in acquisition, managing of assets and governmental contracting. The firm is responsible for renovating and construction of affordable homes to first time buyers in Baltimore and neighboring areas.

RPS Solutions aims at partnering with Baltimore’s local authority, and renovate homes specifically for first home buyers who are unable to qualify for home ownership plan.

The firm plans to increase the percentage of homeowners in the city, and even exceed the state-wide percentage. Indeed, it is obvious that Kevin intends to transform and improve lives of communities.

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