Todd Levine Is Commercial Litigator Who Understands The Importance Of Preparation

Todd Levine is an attorney and a founding member with Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L. He often represents investors, real estate brokers, and contractors and deals with commercial real estate project disputes and transactions. He attended the University of Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance while there. He also studied at the Florida Levin College of Law, and outside of work, he is a musician.


Todd Levine deals with plenty of complex commercial litigation cases and has always had a gift for making complicated matters seem simple. He is often-tasked with making arguments and issues more accessible to the judges and juries who are listening to them. He was once asked in an interview about what his typical day looks like, and he answered that no day is typical for him as a complex commercial litigator. He focuses on productivity by using all of the time that is available to him to focus on the matters at hand. Many times, this means he must multi-task to get everything done.


Todd Levine has admitted that every case is different and that he needs to have thorough knowledge about the law and the cases he is working on. While other unsuccessful litigators only make matters worse by complicating them, Levine always works on simplifying and distilling the most important details of a case. He knows that, in the end, he is making a case that he must present to real people, and this means that he must make it as understandable as possible. In order to do so, he is always prepared and believes that preparation is one of the main reasons why he is so successful. Preparation has allowed Todd Levine to be able to respond or rebut counter arguments from opposing counsel, and it has also allowed him to give his clients what it is they are paying him for.