Securus deploys battlefield technology to nation’s prisons and jails

Despite all its atrocities, one of the main benefits of war from the beginning of mankind has been its ability to foment the creation of new technologies. This has been particularly true in the age of modern war, with conflicts from World War II to Vietnam responsible for the creation of some of the technologies that have now infiltrated the daily lives of Americans.


One of the technologies that has been developed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan has been the so-called Stingray system. This technology was first developed as a means to detect and interdict cellular communications among the enemy. The technology proved to be enormously successful, with units being able to discovery location of enemy combatants and stop terrorists dead in their tracks.


Now, Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communication services in the United States prison system, has devised a version of this technology for use in the nation’s jails and prisons. This technology is being used to get the scourge of illicit cell phones under control, removing the main weapon that criminal gangs have to carry out their illicit trades.


Many people do not fully appreciate how dangerous cellular devices in the nation’s prisons can be. The ability of criminal gangs and gang members to operate under the radar, with complete impunity, is one of the most serious threats to institutional safety in today’s jails and prisons.


But Securus’ Stingray technology is quickly changing all this. Early deployment of the system to a number of jails and prisons has demonstrated that the system is capable of interdicting and detecting illicit cellular devices with nearly 100 percent accuracy, completely eliminating the ability of criminal gangs to use these devices to carry out crime on the inside of prisons.


With systems like these, Securus is making a difference in the safety and security of today’s prisons.