Influential People Of Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is lucky to be called home to some very influential personalities; none more so than the philanthropic futurist Jason Hope. Jason believes in creating a better future for the society of tomorrow.

Jason Hope is an advocate of several humanitarian organizations that work to improve the lives of humankind. He actively pursues new opportunities to work with and support more world-changing organizations. A technology expert, Jason’s experience and knowledge in the field help him overcome the many obstacles that come with the challenge of being a social entrepreneur today. Jason is a philanthropist who believes very strongly in the benefits of studying anti-aging for a better quality of life. Jason is an active supporter of the SENS Foundation.

Jason is passionate about using medical innovation to stop these types of ailments from decreasing our qualities of life. Getting involved with the community on a local, regional, and statewide level has benefitted the people and made Jason Hope an influential figure in not only Scottsdale, but Arizona as a whole.

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