Robert Ivy Discusses The Advantages Of Registering In A Professional Society

Professional societies are bodies that are formed by a group of individuals that have similar skills and training that mostly focus on ensuring that they provide technical and professional support to the members of the group. There are several benefits that members of a professional society acquire, which is the reason as to why Robert Ivy, the vice president of one of the professional society bodies recommends members to join a particular group.

Robert Ivy highlights that one of the most important benefits that individuals gain by registering in a particular professional society is networking. Networking is a process through which individuals from different backgrounds but similar careers and training meet with the aim of deliberating on issues that concern them. It is through the meeting of the members of a particular group that individuals can exchange contacts and create relationships that end up remaining relevant for the rest of their lives.

Another important aspect of a professional society is that members combine forces to present their policies and strategies on how they would like the industry to operate. They may indicate how they want their working environment to be while at the same time presenting memorandum on how much they think they should be paid. Industrial interests could not have been possible without professional societies. Robert Ivy has been at the forefront of telling professionals to join various bodies as it is only through collective bargaining they will be able to achieve multiple goals.

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According to Robert, professional societies have also been at the forefront of ensuring that they provide the necessary education to their members. Most of these bodies collect the essential learning materials that will help in equipping their members with the required skills and information so that they can continue executing their mandates in various organizations. Members of a particular body can understand all the industry trends and hence equip themselves where necessary.

About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is one of the leaders behind the success of the American Institute of Architects. He is the current CEO of AIA. He has been behind the implementation of various policies and strategies that have helped the professional society to remain relevant in a dynamic construction industry across the country. He won Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. He graduated from Sewanee University.

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The history of Matt Badiall

At first Matt Badiali had a strong passion for science. He got a bachelor degree in earth science from Peen state university. He then went to Florida Atlantic University and got a masters degree in science and geology. He attended the Unviersity of North Carolina and started working on Ph.D, then his friend started talking to Matt Badiall about the finance industry and how he’d be a great fit for it.

His friend had a ph.D in fiancé and suggested to Matt Badiali that he should work with him to create simple investment methods for the average person. The friend knew that Matt Badiall’s knowledge, experience and educational background would add a very helpful element to the investment advice.

With Matt Bradiall’s background he could give unique investing advice that could even help people who are just beginning their journeys. Matt remembered seeing his father struggling with investing and discovered that he could help people just like his father. In the year of 2007 Matt Badiall created a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist.

A blog where he recommends the best natural resource stocks. The blog has thousands of loyal followers and people who follow his investing advice. Some of his readers became very successful and even made as much as one hundred thousand dollars. Matt Badiali likes to write about relatable topics based on his own experiences and if it’s something new then he goes out to experiences it for himself.

Matt Badiall has traveled all over the globe for decades to find the newest investment ideas. He went to countless mines, company headquarters and oil projects to talk to experts and help himself grow as a geogrist. He says by traveling it helps him write more believable stories. Matt Badiali also traveled to Papua New Guinea, Peru, Hong Kong, Iraq, Haiti, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey.

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ORGANO Gold and Healthy Hot Beverages

Have you ever wonder about what is in the coffee or tea that you drink? Does it have too much caffeine? What are some of the other harmful ingredients added? If can answer yes to the questions, you might want to switch a healthier hot beverage choice. You are probably wondering what that is. Well, it is ORGANO Gold.ORGANO Gold is a company that makes coffee and teas with antioxidants with little to no caffeine. Plus, they are known worldwide as having the best coffee product and healthiest hot beverages to drink.

Why not try a coffee that will improve your overall health? Why not drink teas that will do the same?You will get the best coffee flavors and enjoy the aromas that this Canadian based company provides for your pleasure. Because coffee is the number one best beverage choice, it only makes sense that ORGANO Gold perfects it so that anyone can enjoy while keeping their health in mind. You can sit down in the mornings with your favorite piece of toast or bagel and sip on something delicious without worrying about the calories being added to your daily diet that you do not want.

Best of all, ORGANO is offered in coffee houses as well. You might find it at your local cafe.ORGANO Gold does more than just hot beverages. The company also sells supplements and products for your body. You can also be a distributor if you happen to love the products. This is great for people who love good coffee or tea and want to be their own boss of their favorite coffee brand. Joining this company offers you a chance to be a successful entrepreneur. Why not give them a try when it comes to having the best hot beverages and other items that they sell.

Todd Levine Is Commercial Litigator Who Understands The Importance Of Preparation

Todd Levine is an attorney and a founding member with Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L. He often represents investors, real estate brokers, and contractors and deals with commercial real estate project disputes and transactions. He attended the University of Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance while there. He also studied at the Florida Levin College of Law, and outside of work, he is a musician.


Todd Levine deals with plenty of complex commercial litigation cases and has always had a gift for making complicated matters seem simple. He is often-tasked with making arguments and issues more accessible to the judges and juries who are listening to them. He was once asked in an interview about what his typical day looks like, and he answered that no day is typical for him as a complex commercial litigator. He focuses on productivity by using all of the time that is available to him to focus on the matters at hand. Many times, this means he must multi-task to get everything done.


Todd Levine has admitted that every case is different and that he needs to have thorough knowledge about the law and the cases he is working on. While other unsuccessful litigators only make matters worse by complicating them, Levine always works on simplifying and distilling the most important details of a case. He knows that, in the end, he is making a case that he must present to real people, and this means that he must make it as understandable as possible. In order to do so, he is always prepared and believes that preparation is one of the main reasons why he is so successful. Preparation has allowed Todd Levine to be able to respond or rebut counter arguments from opposing counsel, and it has also allowed him to give his clients what it is they are paying him for.



The chain-smokers’ release included both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair and their DJs mostly depend on vocalists and songwriters to ensure that there is the presence of a human feel in their electronic soundscapes. Their desire to personalize the dance music that they produce supports their desire to be known as real artists. Wanting to expose themselves in every production and their desire to evolve has been key to the work that they do.

Alex Pall’s hobby as a growing young kid was DJing. He mostly did that around New York with a little career beside him. But being a DJ was what he was passionate about. He decided then to concentrate on being a DJ and that is when the same manager he was working with introduced him to Andrew whom they just clicked and started working with. He quit his job and fully immersed himself in music.

After the duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started working together, they were both confident and knew what each had to offer. Their conversations revolved around their interests in music and their childhood hobbies. Then it went into their ambition and efforts on how to be successful. Andrew’s talent in production and Alex’s interest in marketing and DJing made them work hard on music creation and creating their identity. More effort was also put into place since they had to pay bills through their music. Their desire to try new things made their journey bigger and better.

Their ability to sing their songs and especially those that entail about their lives is brought about due to their desire to do an own label. Giving the fans an illustrative and cohesive unit is the driving factor too. Working with Halsey on ‘Closer’ was incredible. Alex describes her as so real with a strong voice and regards her as a unique artist. Pall and Andrew have been changing visuals and live shows to cater for their expanding audiences. Coming up with new, unique and exciting performance shows is the motivating factor to ensure that they stay competitively in the industry.

The AdSphere Awards and the U.S. Money Reserve Have One Thing In Common

The U.S. Reserve is America’s Gold Authority because of one man: Phillip K. Diehl. A former U.S. Mint Director, he took his passion for currency and transformed an Austin, Texas establishment into a successful private distribution center. The company sells an array of foreign and American gold, silver, and platinum products.

What makes our facility unique is our diverse range of experts. Numismatics, coin researchers, account executives, and inventory specialists, just to name a few, answer questions ranging from the simple to the detailed. Customers return repeatedly because of the superb and consistent customer satisfaction.

In fact, we welcome our customers to come back for our coin collection while supplies last. Currently, we offer the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin set and the Queen Elizabeth II 65th Coronation Anniversary Proof coin set.

We teamed up with the Perth Mint to bring these exclusive sets to our loyal consumers. Browse on our website and/or visit us in person to find coins, bars, and legal tender products for purchase. Learn more about our importance to your financial future by calling us at 1-844-307-5895.

Conversely, DRMetrix sponsors the AdSphere Awards. Joseph Gray, CEO of DRMetrix, created the AdSphere Awards to recognize excellence in the direct-response industry. The award monitors at least 120 national networks and campaigns tirelessly in 20 major categories. Furthermore, the campaign included 145 sub-categories. Qualifying candidates are diverse, representing 7,700 brands. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

The results led the awards show to create four industry classifications, 15 industries (sub-categories) per classification, and six “of the year” categories. The winners highlight consumer popularity and near-flawless execution in demonstration and call to action. Visit our website at

So, what is the common link between the two brands? The second annual AdSphere Awards ceremony where our company won Best of Short Form Products – Finance and Best of Infomercials – Finance. Angela Koch, U.S. Money Reserve CEO, accepted the honor earlier this year on behalf of the company. She echoes our sentiment when we applaud our production, media, and marketing department for their talent and hard work on the infomercial. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

This is our second win in both categories, and since the AdSphere Awards are on their second year, the second win is that much sweeter. It emphasizes our continued commitment to superb customer satisfaction and quality inventory. It’s already a 2018 highlight, and we anticipate more accomplishments to add to an already profitable year.

Jos Auriemo Neto At The Helm Of The 46 Years Old Company JHSF

JHSF Participações is a real estate holding company and leader in the Brazilian high-end sector. JHSF was founded in 1972 and is currently a publicly traded company. Since its inception, their real estate project resulted in the development of over 6 million square meters. In 2017, they company had a market value of about R$1.20 billion.

They play a significant role in residential and commercial incorporation, as well as the development of shopping centers and high end hotels (which are also under the company’s administration), and the development of an international business airport. The company has four business units: Airport, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, Incorporation, and Shopping Center. In 2009, the company ventured into retail, and signed exclusive agreements with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. Later on, in 2012, JHSF partnered up with Valentino, and lunched the stores Valentino and RED Valentino in Brazil.

JHSF’s current chairman is José Auriemo Neto, who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive. He oversees the company’s interests in hotels, office buildings and public developments. The company’s large portfolio is also managed by Auriemo Neto, in particular, their shopping and retail portfolio, which contains the shopping complex Cidade Jardim in São Paulo, as well as the shopping centers Bela Vista in Salvador, Metrô Tucuruv and Manaus’ Ponta Negra. Two more developments are currently under construction in the São Paulo district.

Auriemo Neto attended São Paulo’s FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) Univeristy, and has been working for JSHF since 1993. In 1998, he secured the rights and oversaw the successful development of Shopping Santa Cruz, the group’s first shopping destination.

JHSF is famous for its ability to indentify new opportunities wherever it operates. Some of the qualities that helped the company prosper throughout its 46 years run on the real estate market are their daring nature and the ability to innovate and present sustainable solutions for their projects. Besides operating in the Brazilian market in places like São Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador, the company is also present in other countries, such as Uruguay, in Punta del Este, and the United States, in both Miami and New York.

Madison Street Capital: Expanding to Austin

Madison Street Capital has been one of the most trusted financial and investment firms in the United States. The company was established in 2005, and through the years, they managed to acquire more businesses and persuade the public to invest with them. The company now runs multiple satellite offices around the world, catering to more than a million individuals who have decided to work with the company and invested a lot of money to gain profit. Madison Street Capital is committed to serving their clients with integrity and excellence, and they have been showing leadership when it comes to services that include financial advisory, merger and acquisitions, and other services.



The company has been stating over and over that one of the reasons why they ended up successfully is because of the continued support from their clients, who have trusted them since their launch. Because of the continuous investment that the company receives, they managed to break through their shells and showed off their hard work, one of the requirements for them to succeed. Madison Street Capital is also considering their client’s business decisions, and they would always prioritize what their clients wanted to give them the impression that they are in charge. Because of their performance and how they transformed the lives of their clients, the company gained their clients’ trust. They are perceived as a global firm that aims to operate under professional standards, while at the same time delivering positive results to their clients.



Recently, Madison Street Capital announced that they would be expanding their operations to Austin, Texas. The capital city of the state has served as the national headquarters for some of the largest companies in the United States, and other tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have chosen Austin to be their secondary headquarters. The city of Austin has been growing tremendously, and the city’s economy is reaching an all-time high thanks to the huge number of industries investing there. Because of the businesses that have been sprawling within Austin, Madison Street Capital realized that it would be an advantage for them if they will be expanding their operations in the Texan capital. They also realized that a lot of businesses in the city are made for the middle market, and they are confident that they will be able to help the business owners especially with their decisions in driving their businesses.



Madison Street Capital also revealed that they are now in the process of choosing the right location where they could build their office space. The company said that they wanted to develop their office near the heart of the business district. Business people who are based in Austin are looking forward to the expansion of Madison Street Capital, hoping that it would further boost the economic activities within the city.


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Talkspace Giving Sorority Girls Free Membership

Have you ever wanted to receive mental health guidance and support from a professional without the judgement of going to a therapist? In today’s day and age, there is an expectation to be happy all the time, but that is not always possible. Going through a rough time and wanting to get help for it is always okay. Talkspace is making it easy for anybody to get help for their anxiety, depression, and other related mental health concerns. If you are trying to receive counseling, this is the way to go because of its new way of working. Text-based therapy through Talkspace means you have direct access to a professional therapist who will understand your specific struggles and provide you insight whenever you need them the most.

Talkspace is now working with Sigma Kappa sorority across the United States to give these young girls the chance to get help during their rough college years. They are providing them with three FREE months of using this service, alongside the option to continue using the service if they feel they need to use it more. Their most popular program is $59 a week that includes video, audio, and text messaging with your therapist. There is an added bonus of receiving a 30-minute live-chat session that is great for attaining that strong connection between you two and really get to let out what you’re going through.

The best part about Talkspace is that they are trying to end the stigma, and this is why they brought in Michael Phelps into the brand. They know that Phelps is the man behind a successful athletic career who also dealt with his own struggles, and he has been very vocal about his struggles with depression and anxiety. Phelps overcame his struggles by working closely with his own professional therapist and also using Talkspace as a way for him to get help. Talkspace is definitely an app worth using if you are ready to start revising guidance on your current mental state. With the many benefits of using text based therapy, there is no doubt it can change your life.

Ted Bauman and Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman came to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He is the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and the Bauman Letter’s editor. Ted specializes in privacy, asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, as well as international migration issues. He lives with his family in Atlanta GA. Most of his time has been spent on how to help people connect with their resources hence leading to a sovereign life that is free from corporate greed and government insight. Ted Bauman was born in Washington and grew up in the eastern shore of Maryland. As a young man, Ted later moved to South Africa. While in South Africa he attended the University of Cape Town where he graduated with his postgraduate degree in History and Economics. He worked for 25 years in South Africa where he served several executive positions in the non-profit industry and low-cost housing’s fund manager. He helped establish Slum Dwellers Internationals which has so far helped more than 14 million individuals in 35 different nations.

According to Ted, his day starts very early in the morning where he ensures that his daughter has gone to school and then gets back to his basement office. He does not commute, so he starts his work immediately in his office. Ted works till 5:00 pm regardless of how early he got out of bed. He is concerned about the current news on topics that concern his subscribers and readers. Ted Bauman argues that he is a writer and his job at Banyan Hill Publishing is to add value to the essential topics in ways that will motivate people to read more. As a writer, one has to utilize their excellent skills in writing as well as narrative skills to bring to people’s understanding of specific topics. For insane, a writer must have real-life experience to make your readers have the ideas in their mind’s eye according to Ted.

The fact that his readers are always asking about the nature of the United States’ economy as well as the global economy is one thing that excites Ted Bauman. Besides, Ted is productive because he manages his time correctly. Given another opportunity, he would go back and study how to manage time well from early times. He could have been more successful if he knew then what he knows currently. At the moment, Ted Bauman is aware of the significance of putting aside his day’s most productive part to handle what is in front of him.